Monday, January 30, 2012

10 List

We've been spending a fair amount of time at home lately between sicknesses and minor injuries, which is both a blessing and...not so much. I do like being home for the most part, but I also enjoy getting out a few times a week, even if it's just to the park or grocery store!
I few things have come to mind recently that really can make my day a bit brighter. These are usually very small things, easily overlooked in our daily lives, but these tiny insignificant things make me smile for a moment:

1. Watching the cat sleep.She is a mini contortionist-it's like watching yoga in freeze-frame!
2.The view from my kitchen window at sunset, all purply,pink and musky. In my mind, it's gloaming, not sunset,though.
3. The soft swoosh of a gas stove igniting. For some reason this never fails to conjure a sense of warmth and peaceful domesticality.
4.Wood stacked by the fireplace, waiting for a fire. Or an actual fire in the fireplace for that matter. The smell of woodsmoke is always a welcome scent to me.
5. The sight of new things growing. Whether it's a baby, a kitten or a tiny plant just poking above the ground, the promise is there, making me feel a bit of hope every time.
6. The kids wrestling with Dad. They may be loud,violent and more often than not it ends with someone bleeding, the pure savage enthusiasm of all parties involved is a sort of joy to watch. As long as no one bleeds on the couch.
7.Seed catalogs. This one is self explanatory. I look through the latest editions like a junkie eying his next fix and pretend I'm living on a farm with time, land and energy enough to plant everything I see.
8.Cooking. There is something usually relaxing about creating food,plus the smells of baking are little memory capsules to me,reminding me of other times,other places, other lives.
9.Sweat. Yes, you read that right. Sweat. Sweat gives me a feeling of accomplishment, tells me I've worked hard at something I usually enjoy, be it working outside, barn work, hiking, or something a bit more,primal shall we say? As long as it's clean sweat,it's good to me! Of course, my opinion changes come July when breathing breaks a sweat,mind.
10.An approaching storm. The feel of anticipation heavy in the air, the chaotic clouds, the sounds of thunder, and the cleansing feeling after one are like a spiritual shower, leaving me feeling clean and refreshed.

So, what are you're little joys you find in daily life?

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