Saturday, July 28, 2012


Whew! The summer has flown by around here!
I can't believe in a few weeks the kid will be started up school again and we will be into our fall schedule! I thought summer just started!
I have been fortunate to receive friends' overflowing bounty of cucumber and tomatoes, so guess what I've been up to? In case the picture doesn't totally give it away, I've spent several days over the last couple of weeks canning pickles, tomatoes, making pickles, drying tomatoes, making tomato sauce, salsa, jams and jellies. I now have quite a full canning larder-well when it comes to tomatoes, anyways, and dried so many herbs my hands smell like pizza even after repeated washing! Oh, well, at least I smell delicious.
This picture is not of pantry, by the way. My canning pantry is the inside of an old mini fridge-red neck recycling at it's best, my friends!
I am trying to get Husband to make me one like the one above, but so far I have been met with....resistance. Something to do with the 2,583 other things on his to-do list. Whatever!
We, and by we, I mean I, am looking to expand the garden even further next year and hopefully add a fruit tree or two and maybe put in a herb garden bed so I can move some of my larger planters off the back porch. It looks like a tiny little jungle out on the porch!