Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shelter Horse

This is a new arrival we have at the horse shelter. Isn't she a beauty?  Just take a look at that gorgeous face!
Her name is Alivie(ah-lee-vee). She is 3 years old,a Thoroughbred, who had spent every day being brushed,groomed, bathed and worked by professionals, fed the highest quality food 3 times daily, and kept in a heated/air-conditioned facility with her own personal vet and groom.
That is, until she broke her knee during a race 3 months ago. After that, it was determined she could no longer run,nor win any longer, she was no longer wanted by the facility. She couldn't run, and could no longer pay for her keep by winning, so she was no longer valuable,a sad fact of the racing industry.
If she had not come to the shelter, she most likely would have gone to an auction house, and still lame from her injuries, almost certainly would have been bought by a kill buyer and sent to a slaughterhouse. A tragic end for a young athlete.
After 3 months of rest and relaxation, she is doing fantastic, her injuries healing quickly and her gentle nature winning everyone over.
She is even learning what treats are! The first time someone gave her an apple, Alivie bumped it around her stall for several minutes like a ball-she didn't know how to bite it-we had to smash the apple into bits so she could taste it and realize it was good! She still won't eat anything unless you break it into tiny bits and show it to her first. Girl has true Southern manners.
She is slowly learning basic ground skills, like lunging and other ground work. Being a race horse, she has spent very little time in an arena and still has to learn there are other speeds besides walk and race!
We are also introducing her to other horses, socializing her, as most former race horses don't have much experience with other horses, other than on the track, of course. She is a natural social diva, making herself friends with any horse that she meets, or people for that matter. She has taken to nickering when you enter the barn, and if you don't greet her, she will hold up her injured leg as if she's lame.
This little diva has won over everyone at the shelter-and soon she will be available to someone willing to giver her a second chance.
No that's a pretty good happy ending if you ask me!

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  1. Lovely creature. Wish we had pasture and time for her out here.