Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Misc.

Today I woke up to a rather intense thunderstorm, which I normally enjoy, but as it happened to be 3:00 a. m., I was somewhat less than excited about this particular one. But the garden is loving the rain!
I already have harvested some herbs, and my tomatoes are reaching small tree status-now if they would just hurry up and give me some tomatoes! Another couple of weeks and I'll have enough mint to make extract. I'll post the super easy recipe when I do.
Since it is rainy today, the kids and I will be doing a pantry inventory. Not a favorite chore, but if you buy in bulk, you better have an inventory to keep track of what you have, or you'll end up with canned veggies that expired in 2007. Not that it  has ever happened to me. * Whistles innocently*
I need to place an order for a few baking/cooking supplies and the company I use has a vast variety of goods, including canned bacon, something I find repulsive, but the kids find fascinating. Maybe I'll order a can just to see what it's like. But it's a can....gross!
The kids are born preppers and will often search through the catalog for new/interesting/prohibitively expensive items and beg me for them. It's like their toy catalog, the bizarre little creatures that they are. There are worse vices to be had ,plus I do love them myself! Some people have sports cars, some the latest tech gadget, myself and the kids,we drool over the Big Berkey water system or the years' worth of freeze dried fruit. Poor husband thinks we've all gone mad, but even he admits the practicality of most things.
Our school is almost finished for the year, and frankly, neither the kids not I can wait. We are all so ready for summer break this year! Next year should be interesting with a middle schooler and a high schooler!