Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ok, Blogger,or myself or some unfortunate combination has zapped my previous blog, so since there were a few changes I wanted to make anyway, I decided to just start fresh!
Welcome to the new blog, Not Quite Vanillas. I hope you like it in our neck of the woods.
I'll start off by explaining the name choice for this little blog.
As you may or may not know, vanilla refers to a person or a lifestyle that's unexciting or conventional, with little interest in spicing things up.
I'm not sure we're very exciting on the norm-I mean I did set my kitchen a little bit on fire the other day, but for the most part we're pretty typical. No sky diving Granny's or ex-government operatives in our house.
On the other hand, being Libertarian homeschoolers in the Deep South, with a child on the autism spectrum and another with anxiety issues,a slightly agoraphobic engineering husband, and a cat who has been know to attack strangers,not to mention Yours Truly, we do veer a little off the path of normal. Sometimes soooo far off the beaten path we make our own trials!
I hope to begin adding a few more areas to the blog, such as recipes,homeschooling and the like,so I am looking forward to getting this thing up and started and keeping in touch with everyone! Feel free to drop me a line anytime-just remember-keep it clean,keep it nice and I'll keep you around! ;)

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