Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Day of Winter!

...And it's 70 degrees outside today! That's ain't right, I tell you.
 I woke up to a nice heavy fog,the winter trees all shrouded and cold looking, the ground partially hidden under a thick blanket of white.It looked a proper cold wintry day outside
 But as soon as I opened the back door, I was hit with not a chilly winter breeze, but a rather warm and very muggy breath of air that felt more like mid May then mid December. Even after being here in the Deep South for 3 years, it still shocks me to go outside in the middle of December and think man, it's warm out here. My strawberries are confused and have started blooming again-we even got two tiny berries off the everlasting ones yesterday. Weird.
Today everyone is going barefoot,too. Like I said, weird.
I had planned to do some much needed inventory of our freezer,but despite the still foggy weather, it's just to warm for that, so outside I will go instead to do prep for this coming springs garden.
We want to add two more raised beds and try lasagna gardening in another bed,plus add to the herbs. Meaning, of course, I want Hubby to dig the beds, build the frames, sink the supports and haul the dirt,compost,manure and wood chips for me. I'll watch and tell him when he messes up. I'm nice like that.
But I'm afraid those plans might have gotten derailed, for you see I've just received my first seed catalog, this one from Seed Savers Exchange, and I love almost nothing better than curling up with a nice catalog(or magazine, or book) and dreaming of all the wonderful things I will create and grow next year!
That I can do this while barefoot on the back porch is a nice bonus,too!

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