Thursday, January 19, 2012


We are sick. Hence the sniffing,moaning and generalized whining you see. What I thought was a cold has become instead a full blown flu And, generous person that I am, I shared with Husband. Who, by the way, in typical male fashion, has become completely unable to care for himself beyond shuffling into the kitchen to inquire about soup.
On the up side, it appears the kids have been spared so far,thanks to semi-fanatical hand washing and some vitamin C doping. Plus, they act like we have the plague and refuse to come close to our sniffy, feverish, nasty selves. Wise choice, my children,wise choice.
Of course, with mom down, it means our school has become a little less structured the last few days, with quite a bit of video watching for history and reading for science, and maybe we even neglected to do math a day or two. OK, and maybe, just maybe my kids spent an entire afternoon watching Amine. Hey-world culture, right?
I've been doing my fair share of TV watching these last couple of days as well. One can only watch so much Fruits Basket, you know!
One of the movies on my to watch list was Forks Over Knives, which basically is a run down of why a Vegan, or plants based diet is best. While, I don't necessarily agree with a completely vegan diet, it was an interesting movie, and did get the old brain turning in some new directions. Plus, it sparked some pretty cool discussions with the kids on a wide variety of food and diet choices,and why we eat the way what we do, as well as what we're doing to change things for the better.
So I guess this whole sick thing isn't ALL bad-but it ain't all good either!

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