Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I woke up this morning to thunder. Big, rumbling, rolling thunder, with lightening lighting up the bedroom and the sound of rain sliding down the windows.
I've mentioned it before, but I do love thunder and storms-provided I'm safe and dry inside and not trying to say, navigate rush hour traffic or finish the grocery shopping!
A storm this early in the year, while not rare, isn't exactly common either, so I spent a few minutes just enjoying first storm of the year before getting up for the day.
It's been unusually warm this year-we've only had a couple of days below freezing in fact. Enough to kill my peace lily I imprudently left on the back porch over night, and to finish off the pepper plants,but not much else. I don't think the squirrels even slowed down this winter. The weird squirrel who sit on the front porch and looks in our window is still here, creeping the cat out on a daily basis.
Unfortunately one of the kids woke up this morning with a sore throat,congestion and an upset stomach. Since my kids think taking medicine may, in fact, kill them, we have been exploring other ways to help when someone is not 100%.  I've actually found a few simple home remedies that work as well-and in some cases-better than the over the counter meds we normally buy. One of the best and easiest things I've found for mild sore throats is a simple spoonful of raw honey. The kids take a spoonful every morning to help with allergies, and since it is honey, and very sweet, getting them to take an additional spoonful every few hours is pretty easy. So easy, that I'm beginning to suspect sometimes they don't have a sore throat at all, they just want  honey!
A spoonful of honey and a cup of warm water with a few drop of peppermint in it does wonders to ease mild sore throats and mild upset stomachs. The water and peppermint was something I remember my Grandmother giving me as a child many times! I think you could use any temperature water,we just use warm water because I like warm water to drink when I'm not feeling completely 100%
So, after a dose of peppermint and a sip of honey, the previously wimpy child is feeling much, much better!

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