Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Tuesday!

We attended an open house at a local prep school this morning, which was both interesting and, as always, a bit eye opening to me. You see, we live in a fairly affluent part of the county, and this particular school touts itself as both a private prep school and as a supplemental program to augment homeschooling. The open house itself was very nice-the school is a private, Christian centered prep school, and I must say I was impressed with the variety offered and the rigorous classes. The school was warm, welcoming, and unfortunately prohibitively expensive. Like $1200 a month expensive, which is about $1198 above our budget.
But what struck me, as it always does when faced with situations like this, is the behavior and attitude of the parents. I was asked what my husband does for a living, what kind of car I drive, weather I have a degree, and what "spa" I go to to get my hair done. I can only imagine how disappointed the women were to learn that I not only color, but cut my own hair,that my car is a 1997 Jeep with windows you roll down yourself, and that I the only degree I have is a Master's in BS.
Although a very nice school, I was struck by the curious fact that none of the women attending asked me about my kids-the whole reason we were there in the first place.
It seemed much more a social evaluation than an opportunity for my kids. And we all know this chicky doesn't do the social climb. Complete lack of social skills and a shocking tendency to swear during casual conversation aside.
Quite simply, I decided a long time ago that if I had to choose between liking myself and being liked by others, I would take the former in a heartbeat, that I would conscientiously choose a full heart over a fat bank account(although that would be nice,too) and that if the only thing my kids came away with as adults is to be true to yourself, then I would be pretty darned lucky.
Plus, I have a sneaking pride in my quirky, redneck tendencies. Give me a couple of cinder blocks, some plywood and a roll of duct tape and I can do anything! I make my own cleaning products! I have kids who can name every villain in every Nintendo game ever made-EVER! We think shows like Mythbusters and Sons of Guns are cinematic gold!
So, I guess even though the school itself wasn't a good fit for us, it did leave me feeling pretty satisfied with what I do have and what I choose to do without, and that maybe, just maybe my kids will grow up to be just fine.

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